Client:   ELI Edizioni

Client: ELI Edizioni

Client:  Pharmacy Practice

Client: Pharmacy Practice

Client:   The Washington Post

Client: The Washington Post

Client:  Fortu and Marco Pasini,  poster for  Le Cinque Terre

Client: Fortu and Marco Pasini, poster for Le Cinque Terre

Client:  Cassa Rurale Alto Garda

Client: Cassa Rurale Alto Garda

Client:   Atypica

Client: Atypica


Bomboland is an illustration studio based in Italy, born around 2007. The studio works both on publishing and advertising projects and has illustrated magazines, newspapers, children books and collaborated with several agencies to create advertising campaigns.

Bomboland is Maurizio Santucci and Elisa Cerri.


Nokia, Cassa Rurale Alto Garda, Toyota, Eni, Conad Leclerc, Interior Savings, Kiehl's, MailChimp, Air Dolomiti, Luxottica, Internazionale, La Scala, Italiani Europei, Misereor, The Washington Post, The Guardian, Il Sole 24 Ore, Die Ziet, Glamour, L'Espresso, AAA Traveler, New Scientist, Forward, LINC, Pharmacy Practice, Donna Moderna, Scientific America, Wired, Emme Edizioni, ELI Edizioni, Bayard Editions, Zoo Libri, Fleurus Editions, Sterling Publishing, Unicef


2008: Atypica (n° 33), 2008/2009: IdN (Vol.15 - n° 6), 2009: PAPERCRAFT: Design and Art with Paper (Gestalten), 2009: Computer Arts (n° 133), 2009: CUT Magazine (n° 02), 2011: PIC NIC: Pop folk Contemporary Illustration Promopress, 2013: Perini Journal (n° 41), 2014: Playing with sketches (Rockport), 2017: Visual (n° 179)