Personal Project

Personal Project

  Client:   Cantina Privata

Client: Cantina Privata

  Client:   Fiorucci

Client: Fiorucci

  Personal Project

Personal Project

 Client:  La Tempesta Dub

Client: La Tempesta Dub

 Client:  Forelock & Arawak

Client: Forelock & Arawak

  Personal Project

Personal Project

Gabriele Cecere

Gabriele is an Italian designer, specialized in lettering. He's co-founder of &type, an Italian
lab focused on handmade typography and active member of the Italian Calligraphic Association.
His works are deeply rooted in the typographic and calligraphic tradition but, at the same time, he approaches to his works with the awareness of the fact that we live in a digital era. Always keen to keep the balance between tradition and modernity he likes mixing different styles both in paper and digital works.


McCann, Pal Zileri, Circular, Pernod Ricard,
Jil Sander, Mondadori, Rossella Jardini, Dior,
La Tempesta Dub, Kartell, D&G Eyewear


Frizzifrizzi, Womade, Los Amigos de Cervantes