Client:  The Towner

Client: The Towner

Ghosts of Rome (Personal Project)

Ghosts of Rome (Personal Project)

Client:   Marshall Amplifiers

Client: Marshall Amplifiers

Client:  Carhartt

Client: Carhartt

Client:   Wired Italia

Client: Wired Italia

Homage Poster for the Italian film "Il segno del comando"

Homage Poster for the Italian film "Il segno del comando"

Client:   Fatso Jetson

Client: Fatso Jetson

Client:   Crimea X

Client: Crimea X

Sol Invictus (Personal Project)

Sol Invictus (Personal Project)

Marcello Crescenzi

Marcello was born in 1979 in Rome, city in which he lives and works since then. After several years working as a graphic designer, in 2006 he's fully dedicated himself to illustration with
the Rise Above project by which he explores popular culture, history and -more generally-
the territories of folklore, of symbolism, of the fantastic and of the legendary. He has always worked for very etherogenous realities, from
the independent to the institutional ones, ranging from publishing to fashion, from music
to mass-media and advertising while keeping
at the same time his own research with personal projects, collaborations and exhibitions both personals and collectives. A huge fan of music and cinema, found himself to write for both.


Carhartt,  Edel Records, Enel, Eni, Marshall Amplifiers, Moleskine, Nike, RAI Radio 2, 
Wired Italy, Universal, We Are Social


Dazed, Frizzifrizzi, Providermag, Mucchio,
Rolling Stone, Rumore, 
Vice magazine


Winner 2016: Creative Quarterly 46 - category Professional Illustration, Little White Lies "House of Cards" Contest Official Selection 2016: Tapirulan - "Ciak" Contest